JOSEPHINE Wine Glass Collection Wins The GQ 2022 Home Awards

JOSEPHINE Wine Glass Collection Wins The GQ 2022 Home Awards

GQ editors selected the Josephine Wine Glass as recipient of the GQ 2022 Home Awards.

For many months GQ Magazine editors have been trying to find those design upgrades, smart home gadgets, and home improvements that could make your days feel a little less absurd. A group of editors have spent days (and nights) reviewing products. This is the second GQ Home Awards.

"Technically speaking, any glass is a wine glass once it’s been filled with a generous pour of Gamay. But the best of the genre should actually make their contents taste better, promoting aeration to develop nuanced flavors. Josephinenhütte’s magnificent hand-blown wine glasses are ultra-thin and designed with a divot at the bottom, so you can skip the hours-long decanting. Saying it’s a difference you can taste sounds a little cheesy (mmm, wine and cheese!) but it’s true." Noted GQ Home Awards Editor.

Glasses that say “I don't have a problem, I just have really good taste".

GQ Magazine

Each glass is made by hand and can take up to 3 days to be completed

Zalto explained, “my glasses must be exact” referring to the precision and details needed to create every piece of stemware. The focus is on four wine glasses: JOSEPHINE No 1 White, JOSEPHINE No 2 Universal, JOSEPHINE No 3 – Red and JOSEPHINE No 4 Champagne along with JOSEPHINE No 5, a water glass. The Champagne glass in particular is less of a flute shape, but more of a hybrid between a flute and a contemporary wine glass.

The GQ Home Award is the fifth award received this year by the JOSEPHINE collection of wine glasses designed by Kurt Josef Zalto.